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Coshal Art

Coshal Art | Bell Metal Bull with Two Rider | Tribal Handicraft | BA029

Coshal Art | Bell Metal Bull with Two Rider | Tribal Handicraft | BA029

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Coshal Art  Tribal Handicraft :- Dokra art metal sculpture of Nandi Bull. Nandi was the gate-guardian deity of Kailash and Lord Shiva's keeper. Nandi is considered to hold truth and righteousness. Nandi was Shiva's vehicle as he asked Shiva to be always with him as a wish, which was accepted. Till then, Nandi is found in front of Shiva sculpture in any Hindu temple.

Dhokra making process has several steps, which include making clay model, giving designs of bee-wax on dried clay, applying two layers of clay on wax design, and creating channels for molten brass. The model is heated, then the inner layer of beeswax melts and escapes through the channels, consequently creating a space in between. This, therefore, acts as a mould. Hot liquid brass is poured into the mould through the channels. It is allowed to cool until the brass completely solidifies. Then the outer mud layer is broken to obtain a brass model. After some final finishing touches, the exquisite Dhokra art is ready!

  1. Dimension:- LxBxH = 8x3x6 inches
  2. Weight:- 0.760 Kg
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