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"Dhokra Crafted Blue Frame | Brass-Wood | Tribal Handicraft | CGDF011"

"Dhokra Crafted Blue Frame | Brass-Wood | Tribal Handicraft | CGDF011"

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 "Dhokra Crafted Blue Frame :- Dhokra is an old art form from India that reflects its creators' way of life and cultural traditions. Commonly referred to as "Dhokra," the ancient art of metal casting using lost wax casting dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Mohenjo-bronze Daro's dancing girl figurine appears to be typical of this technique. Dhokra art is easily recognisable due to its rustic simplicity, charming folk motifs, and crisp, original lines. The purest expression of this art style is showcased in this wall frame, which features a fantastic etched Dhokra motif.

  1. Dimension:- 7 x 1 x 14.5 (Inches)
  2. Weight:- 350 gms
  • Wood Frame
  • Circle-4x4 Q-1
  • Circle-3x3 Q-2
  • Background color-Blue
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