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Coshal art

Dhokra Crafted Tribal Musician | Tribal Handicraft | Home décor | Bastar Art | Coshal Art | CGDT038

Dhokra Crafted Tribal Musician | Tribal Handicraft | Home décor | Bastar Art | Coshal Art | CGDT038

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 Dhokra Crafted Tribal Musician :- Tribal folk music troupe spreads the message of love, peace, and brotherhood among the people. All instruments, clothes and other stuff used in the band are made by the local tribals themselves, without any machines. Many team members of this musical troupe are illiterate and belong to the remote villages of the region. There are different tribal groups in Chattisgarh. Each tribe has its own history, social and religious customs, and a distinct musical tradition and dance form. While some members of these folk groups belong from the families of professional musicians, others are bell metal carvers, herbal healers, and farmers. Music keeps them busy during the non-harvesting seasons. Our artists, through their brilliant artistry, had made these sculpture and has tried to portray the cultural value of the state and give a boost to the tribal folk culture, so that it could get national and international recognition.

Dhokra making process has several steps, which include making clay model, giving designs of bee-wax on dried clay, applying two layers of clay on wax design, and creating channels for molten brass. The model is heated, then the inner layer of beeswax melts and escapes through the channels, consequently creating a space in between. This, therefore, acts as a mold. Hot liquid brass is poured into the mold through the channels. It is allowed to cool until the brass completely solidifies. Then the outer mud layer is broken to obtain a brass model. After some final finishing touches, the exquisite Dhokra art is ready! 

  1. Weight :- 970 gms
  2. Dimension :- 8.4 x 1.5 x 5 (Inches)
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