Anil Vishwakarma-Pitwa Kala/Wrought Iron Artist

Anil Vishwakarma is the youngest member of a family renowned for their wrought iron work. Growing up under his father's and older brother's guidance has helped him develop into an experienced artist.

Despite this, he was intent on furthering his education and becoming a medical doctor. He planned to travel, but his brother's illness kept him home. , and assist his dad in making these masterpieces.

Anil Vishwakarma-Pitwa Kala/Wrought Iron Artist

He is also skilled in the Tuma art form, for which he was honored with the Kamla Devi Award. As a result, Anil and his family are currently trying to maintain these skills.

Anil is a gifted young artist who is also extraordinarily brilliant, diligent, proactive, creative, and resourceful. Soon, he hopes, he will be recognized for his artistic abilities on a national level.

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