About Coshal

About Coshal

Coshal is a platform for traditional handcrafted products that deeply empower the Tribal artisans. Based in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India, that aims to create a unique, elegant product range with an ethnic flavor. Our mission is to bring handmade goods back to life by combining them with contemporary elements that appeal to today's demanding consumers.

We specialize in handcrafted décor and Gifting Items. We are currently working with tribal artists from Chhattisgarh. We plan to slowly involve other art clusters as we go along.

Our Objective

We feel that traditional handicrafts are a dying art form. Our ultimate goal is to update standard handcrafted items without compromising their historical integrity by employing contemporary materials and methods.

Our range

The range includes Wrought Iron, Terracotta, Wooden, and bell metal handicrafts.We have a wide selection of garden and home decor products that are unique, eye-catching & Artistic. The products you will find with us are rare, which gives the home/garden/office a stunning and impressive appearance. All the products are a perfect combination of Antique yet contemporary displays.


Our Philosophy

Artisans first
We are working with more than 30 families who are Tribal Artisans to help lift them up from the Red-Corridor Area. They instill faith in us, allowing us to offer these products to you.

We prioritize closing the gender gap in our production workforce by including at least 50 percent of women. Contributes to the upkeep of the equilibrium at Coshal.

Crafts are always done by hand. Thus they are inherently organic and friendly to the environment. You are contributing to creating a more sustainable future when you buy locally.

With Love
The artisan hand-selected every product with the utmost consideration and regard for the maker. Taking Steps Toward the Revival of India's Ancient Artforms



Our Team

Ankesh Banjare- Coshal

 Ankesh Banjare 


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Abhinav Satpathi- Coshal

Abhinav Satpathi 

Co- Founder

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Our Artists

Without the assistance of our remarkable artists, it simply would not have been feasible for Coshal to have gotten to the point where it is now. You can read about them in our Exclusive Know Your Artists Section. Click Here To Read About Them