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Dhokra Art, one of the oldest techniques of its kind, has been practised for nearly 400 years. This style is well-known for its primitive simplicity and recurring folk designs.
The artisans of Chhattisgarh follow a 13-step process. The base figurine is meticulously prepared with bees wax wires. The surface is then covered with a thick layer of clay, with an open hole on top. The wax layer is replaced by molten metal poured into the mould. Final finishing is completed once the cast is removed.

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Handpainted Cowhead Red 16 inches | Pattachitra | Wooden | wall decor | Coshal | OD04 2


A Timeless Art from Odisha, India. With a Rich History Dating Back Centuries, Pattachitra is an Intricate Art Form Depicting Mythology, Folktales, and Daily Life. Experience the Captivating Colors and Skillful Brushwork, Preserving India's Cultural Heritage."

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Warli folk paintings  are paintings from the Maharashtra region. The largest tribe in Maharashtra is known as the Warli. "Warli is derived from the word 'warla,' which means a plot of land."
Warli art was discovered in the early 1970s, but its exact origin is unknown. Its origins, however, can be traced back to the 10th century AD.
Warli art is a vivid expression of the tribe's daily and social events, with members using their skills to decorate the walls of their homes.

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Wrought iron handicraft, also known as "Pitwa Art," is a centuries-old art form created by a small tribal community in Bastar, Chhattisgarh. They mostly use scrap or discarded iron pieces, cut them by hand with a chisel and hammer, and heat them with charcoal. Almost all of the human and animal figures are made from a single piece of sheet metal hammered by hand. Rivets are used to make a joint. No Welding machine, cutting machine, or mould is used to create an artefact, making it a true handicraft.

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  • Ensuring 50% Women Inclusion

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