10 Exquisite Interior Decor Items from Coshal for Your Living Room

Your living room is more than just a space; it's a canvas waiting to be adorned with artistic expressions. Elevate the ambiance of your living room with these ten captivating interior decor items from Coshal. Whether you're looking for wall decor, room decoration items, or lighting decoration for your home, Coshal has it all.

1. Coshal Madia Madin Brass Couple Figurine

Crafted with precision, this brass figurine tells the story of Madia Madin tribes from Abhujmadhiya. Its intricate design symbolizes the special bond of love, faith, and trust. Ideal for decor or as a thoughtful gift.

2. Coshal Brass Deer Statue

Embrace the symbolism of harmony, happiness, and longevity with this vintage-inspired brass deer figurine. Handcrafted by tribal artisans, it's a unique room decoration item that adds grace to any space.

3. Coshal Brass Elephant Showpiece

Celebrate strength, wealth, and royalty with this majestic brass elephant sculpture. It represents the revered elephants of Indian culture and makes an excellent gift or office decoration.

4. Coshal Brass Auspicious Nandi Idol

Invite good cheer and pleasure into your home with this Dhokra crafted Nandi Bull. Nandi, Lord Shiva's attendant, is a symbol of devotion. It's an ornament that adds a touch of spirituality to your decor.

5. Coshal Brass Tortoise for Good Luck

Enhance your living room's serenity with this symbolic brass tortoise. Believed to carry the world on its back, it's a unique piece that connects you to nature and brings good luck.

6. Coshal Wrought Iron Mask Wall Hanging

Make a bold statement with this tribal-inspired bull head wall hanging. It represents victory over danger and blends minimalism with artistic boldness, adding character to your decor.

7. Coshal Wrought Metal Joda Laman

Experience the charm of tribal wedding traditions with this JODA LAMAN artwork. Handcrafted from wrought iron, it's a unique candle stand that showcases a simple and charming tribal way of life.

8. Coshal Wrought Iron Sun Wall Hanging

Discover the ancient art of "Pitwa" with this recycled iron sun wall hanging. It pays homage to Bastar's belief in nature and their ancestors, making it a captivating addition to your decor.

9. Coshal Tribal Life Mirror/Photo Frame

Each piece tells a unique story inspired by nature and surroundings. Use it as a mirror or photo frame to give your home a distinctive look that draws every eye.

10. Coshal Lantern with Nature-Inspired Design

Illuminate your living room with this lantern inspired by nature. It's not just a lighting decoration but also a piece of art. Suitable for garden decor, table decor, and compatible with both candles and bulbs.

Explore Coshal's collection and infuse your living room with the rich heritage of tribal artistry. These handcrafted treasures not only enhance your decor but also support traditional craftsmanship and skilled artisans. Transform your living room into a masterpiece with Coshal's artistic offerings.

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