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FAQs: Answers to Your Questions

  • Is there a low purchase requirement?

To receive the wholesale price break, your order total must be at least Rs. 25000. If your order totals Rs.25000 or more, you will receive a flat 25% off.

  • A GST Invoice, if possible.

Should you require any clarification regarding the issuance of a GST Tax invoice based on your registered GST number and company name, please contact us at care@coshalart.com.

  • Sorry, but I haven't gotten my GST number yet. How late is it for a wholesale order?

You are free to make a large order with us without any special considerations. To be compliant with government regulations, however, a company must register for Goods and Services Tax if its annual revenue is more than Rs 20 lakhs. For states in the North Eastern region and those in the hills, which are considered special category states, the cap is fixed at Rs 10 lakhs. Please seek the advice of a qualified tax advisor.

  • Can I sell on e-commerce websites?

No. A Brand Authorization is essential to selling any brand on any online marketplace. Your right to resale Coshal products extends to all venues other from online marketplaces. However, you are free to establish your own websites, retail storefronts, wholesale arrangements, and social media communities (including Facebook).

  • How much of a profit margin do I get?

You can make a healthy profit by purchasing our products at our low wholesale pricing and reselling them to your clients at a higher price.

  • What if none of the things I bought sell? Do you accept them for a refund?

They are selling the stuff outright. However, you may return up to 20% of your purchase price within 45 days of delivery. Only Credit Notes, which can be redeemed against future purchases on this Platform, will be issued as refunds.

  • The Global Market for Wholesale Indian Artifacts

Due to the current covid scenario, many people have lost their jobs and consequently their means of subsistence. We've all been affected differently by the case. Nonetheless, for every difficulty, there exists an answer. The retail industry in India is experiencing a renaissance, so if you're bored at home, you might want to consider entering the workforce.

You should first settle on the nature of the enterprise you hope to launch. The clothing retail industry may seem like a promising opportunity, but it has been oversaturated in recent years. It seems like everyone you know is getting into the clothing retail trade. The scope is so reduced. The market for handmade goods is currently a good place to make a splash. Over the past five years, it has been expanding, making this a perfect moment to enter. Coshal is a leading wholesaler of traditional arts and crafts. It's a reliable source for wholesale Indian handicrafts, and it has a terrific selection.

We recommend that you think about becoming a Coshal retailer. However, you need not enter the industry if you simply wish to make personal purchases for your loved ones. Crafts are available for purchase on a wholesale basis. Coshal provides an amazing assortment of Indian artefacts that are sure to captivate and win your heart. In no other place can you find such a wide selection of exquisite Indian wares for such low prices.

  • Coshal Offers the Finest Wholesale Crafts

The finest wholesale handicrafts may be found in Coshal. They get all of their goods from the most skilled craftspeople in India, never settling for anything less than the highest standards of quality. If you shop with the top online wholesaler for Indian handicrafts, you'll find the highest quality items at the lowest possible prices. You will fall in love with everything in their gorgeous assortment, which includes wall decorations, vases, home decorations, kitchen storages, and much more.

  • Why Coshal?

Coshal only serves the highest quality, so you can trust them with your most discerning orders. Excellent reviews from Coshal-affiliated merchants attest to our high standard of quality.

We've been around for four years, and during that time we've proven ourselves to be the greatest in the business. Here, you won't have to wait long for a response or your order to be fulfilled. You are eligible for special promotions and discounts. Coshal wants to provide you the very best, we cares about you.

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