Sunil Vishwakarma- Pitwa Kala/ Wrought Iron Artist

Sunil comes from the Kedeichepda village, located in the Kondagan area of the Bastar Region, and is well-known for its traditional arts and crafts. When Sunil was young, he began to use simple tools to bend iron rods into the shape of figures; his father eventually recognized the artistry in his son's work.

Sunil Vishwakarma- Pitwa Kala Wrought Iron Artist

His family has been practicing artwork for many generations. His grandpa was an early adopter of new artistic methods and a trailblazer in design. In addition to him, other members of his family who have younger children are also being trained in this way.

Sunil is a renowned craftsman, and his father and younger brother manage a workshop from which they produce beautiful works of art in the medium. Aside from the iron for which his culture is known, they have adopted new ideas and behaviors and given them physical forms in various media, symbolic of Bastar's tradition.

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