Vikas Baghel- Dhokra Artist

Vikas Baghel- Dhokra Artist-In the Maoist-affected Kondagaon region of Chhattisgarh, you will meet Vikas Baghel, a native of Bhelwapadar, Kondagaon. An up-and-coming practitioner of Dhokra Art/Garhwa Kala in Chhattisgarh's Bastar area.

Although Vikas was still a young child when his father died, his mother, Kalpana Baghel, raised the three of them (Vikas's elder brother and younger sister).

Vikas Baghel- Dhokra Artist

Vikas's early school years were spent assisting her mother, who had previously helped other artists produce Dhokra artifacts. There, he began training in the art of Dhokra, which he ultimately decided to pursue professionally.

He now has a studio close to his home, where he crafts brasses of different kinds for customers and exhibitions, including depictions of gods and goddesses, villages, and animals. He insists that each work be utterly unique in form, design, and finish.

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