Vinod Vishwakarma- Pitwa Kala/ Wrought Iron Artist

However, artisanal skills are typically passed down within families. Originally from Kondagaon Bastar, Vinod Vishwakarma possesses a unique skill set. Nobody in his family has ever worked in the handicraft industry. He began training with local villagers who were skilled in wrought ironwork.

Vinod Vishwakarma- Pitwa Kala/ Wrought Iron Artist
His dedication and success in the field can be attributed to his passion for the work.
Now he manages a small team of skilled workers in the company's atelier. They have a lot of experience in the field.

Vinod is a youthful, talented, and resourceful artist who is also exceptionally bright, hardworking, proactive, creative, and proactive. His wife, Nirmala, is a vital part of his team, which is unusual given the physical demands of wrought iron production.

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