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Tealight Holder | Wooden | Gifting and Home Décor for Diwali & Christmas | Coshal |DW10

Tealight Holder | Wooden | Gifting and Home Décor for Diwali & Christmas | Coshal |DW10

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Coshal Arts Wooden Tealight Holder  :- Tea light holders that double as tabletop ornaments, carefully handcrafted in the finest of wood and skillfully handpainted by artisans from the interiors of Chhattisgarh. These holders are adorable when lighted, as the tea light forms intricate patterns on the polished natural brown background. The small footprint, straightforward functionality, and stunning wood used in their construction all contribute to an atmosphere reminiscent of rural India and the glow of a golden sunset over the horizon, making your favourite rooms feel more like a part of India. The stories of calmness and contentment were woven into this product with love, which is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the evening, whether inside or out.

Package Contents: 1 Tea Light Holder+ 1 Wax Tealight
Please refer to the dimension image before making a purchase
Perfect to be put up in a living room, bedroom or office to add an ethnic touch.

  1. Product Dimensions :- 7.3L x 7.3W x 8H Centimeters
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Product Information


1. Crafted By Tribal Artisans Of Bastar, Chhattisgarh.

2. Original Name of Wooden art is Kasht Kala.

3. The artform is now practiced for more than 400+ years.

4. Reclaimed Wood is used to create all the artefacts.

5 .Every handcrafted wooden art is well polished for its longevity.


1.Use mul cotton or any soft dry cloth to wipe off the dust.

2.Do not use water.

3.You may use oil for shine.

4. Ocasionally use can use touuchwood to maintain its shine

Crafting Technique

Wooden art or kasht kala is an ancient art form in Chhattisgarh. Artists carved the desired shape of artefacts from reclaimed wood by using small hand tools manually. Tyhus, making each and every artefacts unique on its own.

We have combined Wooden and Warli art forms to create a few Tealight Holders.

Warli folk paintings  are paintings from the Maharashtra region. The largest tribe in Maharashtra is known as the Warli. "Warli is derived from the word 'warla,' which means a plot of land."
Warli art was discovered in the early 1970s, but its exact origin is unknown. Its origins, however, can be traced back to the 10th century AD.
Warli art is a vivid expression of the tribe's daily and social events, with members using their skills to decorate the walls of their homes.


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