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Coshal art

Dhokra Crafted Jhitku Mitki | Tribal Handicraft | Home décor | Bastar Art | Coshal Art | CGDT053

Dhokra Crafted Jhitku Mitki | Tribal Handicraft | Home décor | Bastar Art | Coshal Art | CGDT053

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Coshal Art Dhokra Crafted Jhitku Mitki :- According to popular folklore in Bastar, 'Mitki' was the only sister of seven brothers. They didn't want her sister to go away after marrying someone. So they chose Jhitku for her who could settle with them.

The thought of leaving his family and village behind made Jitku's family men angry and uncertain. So he found a middle ground. Jitku came with a brilliant idea of building a house in the same village as Mitki’s and they got married. After marriage, in the village of Jhitku Mitki, he started doing Cattle Grazing. Sadly after a few years, a famine hits the village and people started starving.

The villagers made a pond to save rainwater but it only worked during the rainfall. Then, one day a few tantriks of the village came up with a solution that unless a person is sacrificed in the pond, water will not stop in the pond. Hearing the sacrifice, the villagers retreated, but there were some youths in the village who were desirous of getting the soil. Few people conspired against Jitku, he being from a different village to sacrifice and any young man will get married to Mitki for the matter.

Mitki’s brothers got into the talk of selfish youths and one day while Mitki’s brother and Jitku were grazing cattle in the forest. Mitki’s brothers tried to kill Jitku by planning. Near the pond, Mitki’s brothers stabbed Jitku and threw his head with an ax into the pond. The incident was followed by heavy rains.Mitki awaiting her husband falls into sleep and dreams about the entire incident and a pond filled with water. She ran towards the pond and astonished that since what she had seen in the dream, the scene was directly in front of her. Here, Jitku tells Mitki his brothers’ misdeeds.

Mitki, who was deeply in love with Jitku, also gave his life by jumping into the pond. The next morning when the villagers reached the pond. The dead body was found floating. Thus ended the tragic end of the loving couple.


Dhokra making process has several steps, which include making clay model, giving designs of bee-wax on dried clay, applying two layers of clay on wax design, and creating channels for molten brass. The model is heated, then the inner layer of beeswax melts and escapes through the channels, consequently creating a space in between. This, therefore, acts as a mold. Hot liquid brass is poured into the mold through the channels. It is allowed to cool until the brass completely solidifies. Then the outer mud layer is broken to obtain a brass model. After some final finishing touches, the exquisite Dhokra art is ready!

  1. Weight :- m - 1630 grm; f-1610 grm
  2. Dimension :- 3.8x3.8x16(both) (Inches)
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