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Heavenly Gift Box | Best for Gifting | Coshal | G04

Heavenly Gift Box | Best for Gifting | Coshal | G04

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Heavenly Gift Box By Coshal :- Heavenly Gift Box By Coshal-The box radiates a holy, uplifting vibe. These beautifully packaged gift sets are a token of your care and concern for the people you care about. These care packages are filled with little treats and goodies that will help keep you energized, motivated, and happy on your daily commute to work.


MOQ for Heavenly Gift Box By Coshal-100 (20-Day Lead Time for Orders)


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comprised of

Gift Basket Including - 

1 - A Cookie Sack

2 -Jar of Honey 

3 -Jar of Tikhur Premix  

4 -Jar of Coffee 

5 -Pack of Chocolates 

6- Desk Organizer Set Including: - Wrought Iron Bookmark - 1 Diary - 1 Pen - 1 Mug - 1 Inspiring Frame - 1 Funky Badge

7- Awesome Collection of Stickers

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