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Tribal Wall Hanging | Wrought Iron | Aesthetic Home Décor | Coshal | CI21

Tribal Wall Hanging | Wrought Iron | Aesthetic Home Décor | Coshal | CI21

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Coshal Wrought Iron Tribal Wall Decor :- Village life is more laid back than city life. Tribes absolutely appreciate festivals, events, and seasonal changes. They have song and dance styles for all the events and they commemorate unity. This frame illustrates the joy of experiencing the present. It is ideal as a gift and for decorating. Additionally, it can be attached to furniture or framed as a decorative wall block.

  1. DIMENSION :- 19.5L x 6H inches
  2. WEIGHT :- 410gm
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Product Information


1. Crafted By Tribal Artisans Of Bastar, Chhattisgarh.

2. Original Name of Wroght Iron Art is Pitwa aur Loh Shilp Kala.

3. The artform is now practiced for more than 400+ years.

4. Scrap metal is used to create these beautiful artefacts.

5 .Every handcrafted wrought iron piece is treated with Red Oxide to avoid rust in future.


1.Use mul cotton or any soft dry cloth to wipe off the dust.

2.Do not use water.

3.You may use oil for shine.

4. Ocasionally use can use black oil based paint to maintain its shine

Crafting Technique

Wrought iron handicraft, also known as "Pitwa Art," is a centuries-old art form created by a small tribal community in Bastar, Chhattisgarh. They mostly use scrap or discarded iron pieces, cut them by hand with a chisel and hammer, and heat them with charcoal. Almost all of the human and animal figures are made from a single piece of sheet metal hammered by hand. Rivets are used to make a joint. No Welding machine, cutting machine, or mould is used to create an artefact, making it a true handicraft.


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Sunil Vishwakarma- Pitwa Kala Wrought Iron Artist

Meet The Artist

Sunil comes from the Kedeichepda village, located in the Kondagan area of the Bastar Region, and is well-known for its traditional arts and crafts. When Sunil was young, he began to use simple tools to bend iron rods into the shape of figures; his father eventually recognized the artistry in his son's work

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